With almost 24,000 students BUT is now the second largest university in Brno. At present BUT comprises eight faculties: They include Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, and Architecture. The study at these faculties has recently been complemented by several new courses. Thanks to the establishment of the Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Fine Arts, re-establishment of the Faculty of Chemistry and establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology since 1. 1. 2002, the range of the study areas has been widened so that, at present, the Brno University of Technology, as the only technical university in the Czech Republic, covers the whole spectrum of technical sciences: machine, civil and electrical engineering, architecture, chemistry, computer science, business and management, and design.

Since the beginning of the 1990s BUT has made numerous contacts and has started co-operation with universities abroad, particularly in Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, United States, etc. Organization of international conferences ranks among the most important activities.

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The Faculty of Business and Management is one of the TOP 5 universities in the Czech Republic in the field of economics. The courses are enriched by providing the knowledge and skills needed for managers of industrial enterprises or entrepreneurs. This faculty offers the study of bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral study programs in full-time and part-time form. With its research focus, it wants to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and cultivation of the business sphere and thus fulfill the credo of the Faculty of Business - Prosperity and Humanity. The activities of this faculty were started in June 1993.

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The Faculty of Business and Management consists of four main departments, which have different specializations.

  • Department of Informatics guarantees information, mathematical, statistical disciplines and methods of operational analysis, advanced analysis and modeling in business and public administration, risk management. The profile areas of the institute are ICT, Soft Computing and Business Intelligence to support decision-making and management processes in companies.
  • Department of Economics focuses on corporate financial management, business, accounting, securities, and banking. These areas are further deepened by the selection of specializations. The aim is to educate highly qualified professionals with a broad perspective in the field of finance and business and banking. Graduates have all the prerequisites for work in the financial departments of companies and for the positions of financial advisors to all business entities. Graduates also work in the corporate departments of trade, marketing, and logistics, in middle management positions in banking entities and in other financial market institutions.
  • Department of Management provides education in the field of management; marketing; social science disciplines; production and logistics management.
  • Department of Finance provides knowledge in the areas of taxes, accounting or, for example, financial analysis of companies.

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Brno is a city in Moravia relatively close to Czechia’s borders with Austria and Slovakia. It is the country’s second largest city after Prague and the largest city of Moravia. City center with its cafes resembles Wien. You can get anywhere within half an hour by tram. And if you take your bike and go outside the city, you will find beautiful nature all around.  Trade fairs are not the only reason to visit Brno. The city boasts quite many architectural landmarks and enjoys a rich cultural life. For example, Špilberk Castle is one of the main landmarks dominating the cityscape of the Moravian metropolis or Villa Tugendhat which is a pioneering example of modernist architecture in Europe. In 2001 Villa Tugendhat was inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List. Brno is the center of research and innovation. Especially for BUT students Brno is a real blessing because many research centers have their seat here – e.g., CEITEC or Materials Research Centre.

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