Call for Papers


18th International Conference at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management,

September 16–17, 2021


Theme of the Conference: 

Perspectives of Business and Entrepreneurship Development: Digital Transformation for Business Model Innovation: Economic, Management, Finance and System Engineering from the Academic and Practitioners Views

Section 1: Economic in Digital Transformation; Section 2: Management in Digital Transformation; Section 3: Finance in Digital Transformation; Section 4: Systems in Digital Transformation; Section 5: Universities in Digital Transformation; Section 6: Master Students Section (more in Submissions)

Dear Madam/Sir,

we are pleased to invite you to the 18th International Conference “Economic, Management, Finance and System Engineering from the Perspectives of Business and Entrepreneurship Development Academic and Practitioners Views“ hosted by the Faculty of Business and Management. This conference is associated with the project: TACR ETA TL02000215 „DIGITALTRANSMSP: Digital transformation for Business Model Innovations in SMEs in the Czech Republic".

Conference Language: English. 

We welcome the submission of manuscripts that address the conference theme as well as all functional areas of business administration and entrepreneurship. 

Participation opportunities

  • participation with publication in Conference Proceeding of Selected papers: apply with paper (6-15 pages), get the feedback of  experienced reviewers, participate in the conference, publish online and apply to ISI Web of Science
  • participation without publication in Conference Proceeding: apply with short abstract (up to 1 page), get the feedback of experienced reviewers, participate in the conference, publish extended paper in conference partners journals
  • participation of master students: apply with structured abstract/paper, get the feedback of experienced reviewers, participate in the conference by presentation (or online presentation) Students may register for the conference through their abstract/papers which should contain: The description of the issue, research objective, research of the relevant expert sources, applied research methods, and the results and the assessment of the solution outputs associated with the impact onto business and entrepreneurship development in the digital era. The students may take part in the conference either in person or by means of an online presentation of the papers dealing with current issues of the impact of digitisation on business and entrepreneurship development from the national and international perspective. The papers are to be presented in the student section and the best paper will win the Dean’s Award of the Faculty of Business and Management.
  • participation of company representatives

Abstract or Paper Submission and Requirements 

  • Apply with an abstract (1 page) by July 20, 2021 Abstract will be reviewed. Abstracts must be submitted by the main author (first author listed on the title page of the abstract). A structured abstract must specify the objective of the paper, employed research methodology, discussion, conclusions, keywords, JEL Codes. Abstract structure requirements: purpose, methodology/methods, scientific aim, findings, discussion, conclusions. Abstracts of not less than 250-300 words must be submitted. Abstracts will be reviewed. (Template of the abstract)
  • Submit the paper (6-15 pages) by July 20, 2021 Papers will be reviewed. Papers must be submitted by the main author (first author listed on the title page of the paper). Paper must also involve structured abstract (not less than 250-300 words). It is necessary to use relevant references, especially articles and texts from Web of Science databases. All submissions will be checked for potential plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. (Template of the paper)
  • Submit the abstract/paper to master students section by July 20, 2021 Abstracts and papers of student’s work have same conditions as mentioned above. 

Publication Opportunities:

Reviewed papers presented at the conference will be published in the Proceeding of Selected papers. Authors of the best abstracts and papers will have opportunity to publish their extended papers in following journals:

On the basis of agreed cooperation with editors of the scientific journals will be of qualitative contributions offered the opportunity to publish their papers in journals indexed in reputable databases:

Conference Fees and Deadlines

Main support contact: František Milichovský, E-mail:


Yours sincerely,

Organizing Committee

Associate prof. PhDr. Iveta Šimberová, Ph.D.

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Brno University of Technology

Faculty of Business and Management

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